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  • *Driver's Education

    We offers driver's education for teens at North and Tartan High School in partnership with Safeway Driving School.
  • *Tournaments

    Sport Tournaments
  • Adult Basic Education

    Adult Basic Education (ABE) programming is offered to all area residents at no cost. Courses include GED, English as a second language, citizenship, IT Careers, and a ParaPro study program. Assistance is also available for specific needs, such as college entrance test prep and balancing a checkbook. Visit for more information.
  • Adult Enrichment

    Learn something new every day! The District 622 Adult Enrichment program is a leader in providing educational opportunities that are close to home, affordable and top quality. NOTE: Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19 we are using a "Register Now Pay Later" procedure. You will not be charged for your class at the time of checkout, however you must enter payment information. Your credit/debit card or checking account will be charged 3 days prior to the class start date. You will be notified if this class is cancelled.
  • Adult/Youth

    Adult and Youth participating together, working on the same project.
  • All Things 3D Printing and CAD

    Unleash the power of innovation with our 3D printing and CAD virtual youth classes! Watch as your child brings their wildest ideas to life through the fascinating world of 3D modeling and printing. Our expert instructors will guide them through the intricacies of CAD software, enabling them to design and prototype their own creations, while cultivating problem-solving and engineering skills. Enroll today and ignite your child's passion for cutting-edge technology and prepare them for a future of limitless possibilities!
  • All Things Art

    Children in art classes have the opportunity to experiment with different art materials, learn about color theory, and develop their fine motor skills. They are encouraged to explore their own unique artistic style and develop confidence in their abilities. Art classes also promote problem-solving skills and critical thinking as children learn to make creative decisions and overcome artistic challenges.
  • All Things Coding

    Ignite your child's passion for coding with our virtual youth classes! From beginner to advanced levels, our expert instructors will teach them the fundamentals of programming through interactive projects and real-world applications. Watch as they develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and logic skills that will set them up for success in the digital age. Enroll now and empower your child to become a future innovator and creator through the exciting world of coding!
  • All Things Dungeons and Dragons

    Embark on epic quests and forge unforgettable friendships with our Dungeons and Dragons virtual youth classes! Our experienced dungeon masters will guide your child through imaginative storytelling, character creation, and strategic gameplay, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills along the way. Join a community of young adventurers and dive into a world of magic, mystery, and endless possibilities. Enroll now and let the adventures begin!
  • All Things Minecraft

    Unlock the boundless creativity of your child's imagination with our Minecraft virtual youth classes! Dive into an immersive world where kids can build, explore, and collaborate with fellow players while learning valuable problem-solving and teamwork skills. Our experienced instructors guide young minds through exciting challenges and adventures, making learning engaging and fun. Enroll today and let your child's Minecraft journey begin!
  • All Things Web Design and Video Production

    Unleash your child's digital creativity with our web design and video production virtual youth classes! Through hands-on projects, they'll learn the art of crafting stunning websites and producing captivating videos from start to finish. Our expert instructors will teach them essential design principles, coding languages, and editing techniques, empowering them to unleash their imagination and pursue exciting digital careers. Enroll today and watch your child transform into a skilled web designer and video producer!
  • Aquatics (Swimming)

    Offering a variety of swimming programs year-round for people of all ages and abilities. Our exciting opportunities include swimming lessons, pool parties and open swim.