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2023-24 ECFE/ELL Birth-5

ECFE Classes -
ECFE 2023-2024

ATTENTION : All registrations are a 2 step process. 1=Eleyo, 2= Campus. Your registration will NOT be complete and your place in the class you selected will NOT be saved without BOTH steps completed.

For step 1, please select "Enroll now" on this (Eleyo) site. Once you have completed step 1 on Eleyo, you will receive a step 1 confirmation email. In that email will be a link to Campus to complete step 2. After completing step 2, your place will be saved in your selected class.

(For children birth to 4 years by September 1, 2023, before kindergarten)

You and your children attend together to improve your English language skills through conversation, learning activities and more. This class meets three afternoons per week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You must register all children that are attending. Please complete the enrollment information attached here.

Please complete the required enrollment packet  and return prior to first day of class. 

This is a fillable form that can be saved to your computer and emailed to: 


  Michele Hagel , Deborah LaChapelle , Rebecca Koering , Elizabeth Korzenowski

Glad - Gladstone CC : 118 and 119
Mon-Wed, Jan 22 - May 29
1:30 - 4:00 PM

  No Class Feb 19, Mar 11-Mar 13 & May 27


Max Age   4 yr. 11 m

Full - waiting list