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Youth Enrichment / Activity Kits -
Spring 21

Join our friend Ed the Owl as he takes us on adventures each month to learn all about the world around us! These kits are the perfect supplement to distance learning. Each kit contains engaging activities complete with supplies and lesson plans for learning and fun at home. Each activity has a how-to video so that students can do the activities with or without help from an adult. Activities incorporate art, STEM, history, and current events. Kits will be delivered to your home by the 15th of each month. For an optimal learning experience, we recommend one activity kit per child. District 622 Community Education


Cost:  $35.00 per month 

September - Astronomy Taste astronaut ice cream, learn how to use a star wheel, create constellations in your own home, and decorate your very own space helmet!

October - Creatures of the Night Dissect an owl pellet, build a machine that allows you to see sound waves, test your night vision, and create your own animal built with the superpowers to thrive at night

November - Indigenous Roots Discover the engineering feats of Indigenous tribes - learn how to use a bow drill to start a fire, taste wild rice, learn the science behind snow shoes, and how to play the game that inspired lacrosse.

December - Celebrations around the world Build and decorate your own piñata (Mexico), play the dreidel game(Hanukkah), study the moon cycles (Ramadan), and create your own paper dragon (China).

January- FORTS!

Building forts is a childhood rite of passage. This kit has everything you need, including a cheat sheet for 15 different shadow puppets, to help keep the winter blues at bay!

February - Wakanda Forever

Celebrate Black History Month by learning all about Wakanda, and how Black Panther changed media forever. Build your character’s armor and origin story while learning about the real life African history that inspired characters, costumes, and landscape.

March- Herstory

Celebrate Women’s History Month by learning about women who changed the world. Paint like Frida Kahlo, write like Maya Angelou, and find your cause like Greta Thunberg.

April - The Human Body

There are 11 unique systems that keep your body running! Learn all about them as we create a model set of working lungs, learn the names of the bones in our body, create a brain hat, and play with DNA.

May Kit - Roots and Sprouts

Dig up worms, dissect fruit, and plant your very own patio garden. We provide the seeds and plants to help you grow delicious fruits and vegetables this summer.

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